Gruden Inc

Founded in Venice, Italy in 1930, the forwarding agency Archimede Gruden srl has made a name for itself in the international shipment business due to its solid, reactive and flexible structure. Gruden USA Inc. has taken the same approach in the United States since 2004.

Its presence in the US has made it possible to gain more in-depth understanding of American customers, thereby improving the ecosystem of services revolving around international shipments. Furthermore, Gruden Ltd’s presence in Hong Kong creates a privileged channel of communication with China and consolidates our worldwide role.

Thanks to low staff turnover, our customers have the peace of mind of knowing that they will remain in contact with professionals who understand their needs and know how to meet their professional requirements.

With its extremely streamlined internal hierarchy, Gruden USA Inc. is able to react quickly to sud-den changes in the market.

More than eight decades of successful commercial history make the difference: Gruden USA Inc. is your partner for quality international shipments.