Gruden: 80 years of history

Archimede Gruden srl has had headquarters in the US since 2004, but this important step is only one of the last in its almost century-long history. Direct contact with the American con-tinent symbolizes its desire to consolidate important commercial relationships and also create new ones, in accordance with the maritime culture that distinguishes the home to the Archi-mede Gruden srl headquarters: the immortal city of Venice.

The past

The history of this shipping agency began in 1930, when Archimede Gruden and his partners Giuseppe Scarpa and Gino Meggiolaro founded the company’s base in Venice, the age-old capital of the most famous Maritime Republic. With a desire to expand already in 1939, Giuseppe Scarpa took on the task of opening a branch in Mogadishu, Somalia. However, this branch was destined to be short-lived: it had to close just two years later at the outbreak of World War II.

The present and the future

After the death of Archimede Gruden, management of the company was handed over to his long-time partners, who, in time, were succeeded by Andrea - Giuseppe's son - and Renato De Pieri. This new generation has continued on the path blazed by the founders by expanding the importance and capacity of Archimede Gruden srl, culminating in the opening of the American and Chinese branches in 2004. Archimede Gruden srl is now looking to the next generation that will control the company, which remains devoted to expanding its horizons. Close partnerships with brands of international renown bear witness to the results achieved and the desire to aim even higher.

Archimede Gruden was also valued as a painter at the beginning of the twentieth century. This is a small gallery of his works.