Gruden USA Inc. is able to respond to any shipment and logistics requirement: from sea shipments to air shipments, from warehousing to customs services. Contact us for further information.

  • Sea shipment
  • Air Shipment
  • Customs Services
  • Logistics
  • Assistance with documentation
  • Warehousing
  • Land shipment
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  • Track&Trace

Sea shipment

Sea shipments have always been the core business of Gruden USA Inc. Thanks to the volumes handled, it is possible to obtain competitive freight forwarding even compared to major in-ternational players.

Air Shipment

To expand its range of services, the group has acquired Luvitrans International, specialized in air and road transportation. Luvitrans International is an IATA agent, so Gruden USA Inc. allows you to save time and resources by cutting out the middleman and managing all as-pects of air transportation itself.

Customs Services

Gruden USA Inc. has its own customs office that quickly and accurately processes all customs pa-perwork and also provides precise information and consulting on all matters associated with this complex and changing sector.


Our group can also operate as NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier). This provides various strategic advantages, such as the possibility of guaranteeing greater confidentiality for our customers. In fact, bills of lading can be registered to Gruden USA Inc., and the senders and recipients can remain completely anonymous.


Gruden USA Inc. and the acquired company Luvitrans International provide their customers with company-owned warehouses, making logistics operations such as sorting, partial deliveries, removal from pallets, and package relabeling extremely convenient.

Assistance with documentation

With eighty years of experience, Gruden USA Inc. rapidly and efficiently handles all bureaucracy associated with international shipments. Assistance prior to departure and en route aims to ensure that all documents always meet requirements, therefore preventing any problems that may arise in negotiating letters of credit.


Besides the company-owned warehouses, Gruden USA Inc.’s customers are allowed access to tax and customs warehouses, with all the advantages these types of warehouses offer.

Land shipment

Thanks to the support of Luvitrans International, Gruden USA Inc. provides a complete land-shipment service throughout the European continent. We invite you to visit the Luvitrans In-ternational website for further information.


Our group handles all transportation details with the utmost capability due to the important partnerships it has developed over the years with many operators along the supply chain. Packaging is always complete, proper and compliant with all international standards relative to sea and air transportation.


Gruden USA Inc. provides its customers with a convenient and complete Track&Trace service that reports the status of shipments in a timely and up-to-date manner. To gain access to the Track&Trace service, simply select the Track&Trace item from the menu at the top of the page.